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Stateless Identity

In the realm of identity management, a stateless identity product is a paradigm shift from traditional methods. Unlike conventional systems that require local user registration and permanent user data storage, a stateless identity product eliminates these needs.

The concept revolves around the use of federation interfaces, such as OpenID Connect, for user authentication. When a user logs in, their credentials are verified by the federated identity provider, and upon successful verification, the user is granted access. The system does not store any user data locally, thus ensuring privacy and reducing the risk of data breaches.

This approach offers several advantages:

  • Scalability: As user data is not stored, the system can easily handle a large number of users without worrying about storage capacity.
  • Security: The risk of data breaches is significantly reduced as there is no local storage of user data.
  • Privacy: User data privacy is enhanced as no personal information is stored.
  • Simplicity: The need for local user management is eliminated, simplifying the overall system architecture.

By leveraging stateless identity, provides a secure, scalable, and privacy-focused identity management solution.