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Alternatives is not the only identity platform out there. In fact, there are many more.

What makes unique is that it provides a true multi-tenant software-as-a-service solution and provides you full flexibility over your user experience. Furthermore, is already partly open source and is about to become completely free - as in freedom - software.


Okta is probably the most well known identity software product out there. Especially since Okta and Auth0 joined forces together this is also the biggest specialized player in the market. It is important to mention specialized here, as there are also solutions offered by much bigger companies like Microsoft and Oracle.


Auth0 is one of the leading customer identity and access management products. It is well known for its developer focus and is activly publishing open source software and example code via GitHub.

Oracle IDCS

While Oracle is a major company the product Oracle Identity Cloud Services (IDCS) is not very well known and does not seem to be used widely.

Azure AD B2C

Microsoft offers Azure B2C as a solution for authenticating consumers.

Azure Active Directory

Microsoft's solution for workforce authentication and authorization.


A solution for single-sign on, multi-factor authentication as well as mobile device management and provisioning.

ForgeRock AM

The Access Manager solutions provides most of the capabilities also offered by