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The platform uniquely combines flexibility with standard adoption.

With regards to flexibility, the following features set idaas apart.

  • Pluggable Login UI / Headless

    The platform obviously runs on the domainname. An important aspect in branding is to serve the login page from your domainname with your house style applied. We support this without requiring DNS changes or implementing server-side logic like reverse proxies.

  • Authentication Graph

    You want flexibility and customers want choice. Our platform allows configuring different authencation modules per application and allows providing users choice about the first and second authentication factors they would like to use.

  • Popup authentication module

    Popup authentiction leveraging OAuth 2.0 Web Message Response Mode

  • Same functionalities with GUI and API is a true API-first platform. Everything can be configured via API's and all information can be extracted with it. Where applicable, API's are based on open specifications, primarily SCIM.

  • Integrate with other services

    Webhook and Rule functionality to integrate with CRM, fraud detection solutions, risk engines, CMS, CDP, DMP, and proofing services.