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Registration uniquely modelled the registration process as part of the authentication process. This provides great control over the registration flow. You can initiate it via OAuth, SAML or OpenID Connect and can - based on the access level issues - determine whether or not to provide access.

Alternativly, your customers can be registered via SCIM. Either using a Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) request (Browser Javascript initiated), or via a server-to-server request.

Enable registration

If you allow users to register themselves - regardless of the method - you have to enable registration.

Go to Registration and set Allow Registration to Enabled.

Registration module

If you want to allow customers to register themselves as part of the authentication flow, go to Authentication, press Add Module and choose Registration.

Add this module to the authentication tree by selecting Add Link.

SCIM server-to-server request

Users can be registered using regular SCIM. Check the example requests on the Users page.

SCIM Me-endpoint

By invoking the special /Me endpoint you can register users by using JavaScript that runs in a web browser.